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Homeschooling means learning for everyone in the home. I have another great course from Age of Montessori to share with you so your children don’t learn to be scared of math too!

I'm scared of math too! There are helpful resources here.

Thank you for Age of Montessori for supporting this post!

I’m scared of math. I’m not sure why or what happened in my childhood that I would fear something that I use in daily life. But I don’t want my children to have the same fear. I am their example for how they see the world. I know they look to me for guidance. So I took a course to learn more about teaching Montessori math.

Early Prep of the Mathematical Mind is very well put together. The videos are easy to use and download quickly and the discussion topics are great. It’s nice to have an instructor in the class with you to answer all your questions.

The math course does an amazing job of explaining how children learn so that as parents without official Montessori training can understand the complete learning process of the child. This “why” is really appealing to me. I don’t want to just blindly teach my children especially when I’m not comfortable with the subject.

If you missed the last class, the next one is in October! I know you are going to learn as much as I did from it and get over those fears of math!

Resources to Help the Mom Scared of Math

Without a doubt I do most of my self study online. One thing I haven’t done is hide my fears from my children. Thankfully they are still young and I’m comfortable helping them at this stage of their mathematical learning, but I do let them know if I’m unfamiliar with how to solve a particular math problem. Then we look it up together! Here are some great resources I use to  help prepare our mathematical environment in our Montessori inspired home.

One of the best places I have found to find Montessori lessons written out is on the Montessori Primary Guide page. I love how the lessons are broken down step by step. Many of the lessons have videos too. I am a visual learner so love this way of learning the right way to teach each lesson.

Free online training is always a plus! Age of Montessori has a YouTube channel. I especially liked hearing from others about their experience with Montessori before I took the Age of Montessori courses online.

Making materials is really easy. We have made sandpaper numbers, DIY spindles, and lots of counting games without breaking the bank. Here are some great resources for DIY Montessori materials:

Great examples of home made Montessori materials!

Inexpensive and DIY Sandpaper Numerals on Living Montessori Now

DIY Montessori Math Beads with Imagine Our Life

Great DIY Math resource for kids!

DIY Colored Beads on Montessori Mischief

How to Make Your Own Sandpaper Numbers and Letters YouTube Video by The Learning Landing

Don’t Forget! The next Early Prep of the Mathematical Mind course starts in October. Be sure to sign up and get over that fear, Mom!

Need More?

If you are interested in all the other wonderful courses Age of Montessori has, check out the links below. I have found the information in their courses invaluable while raising and teaching my children.

What’s is Montessori… Really is a little more personal. I dive a bit into why we use the Montessori method in our home and some of the struggle I had before giving in to what was natural for our children.

Is Montessori Setup for You? is a helpful post to learn if the Montessori method is a good fit for your family.

Freedom and discipline seem impossible, but not with the helpful webinar from Age of Montessori. Find the full review on


Freedom and Discipline is an Age of Montessori webinar review. I listened to this webinar while I was making dinner one night. It’s a great tool to keep learning while folding the laundry, cooking, or making homeschool materials.

Montessori Setup and a Wonderful Life is about how much I adore the Montessori method and some resource to learn more about Montessori in your home.

Parenting is tough! Make it a little easier by knowing your child with education about child development, Montessori method, and Montessori home setup on

Know Your Child is a great review of the Age of Montessori Early Childhood program. This is a full program giving parents the tools to teach their children at home. This full program is exactly what accredited Montessori teachers use! I can’t wait until the new session starts.

Stress Free Disciple is how we use the Montessori method to guide our discipline. The technique I use the most… time outs for myself!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

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