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Dishes. Just doesn’t sound like that much fun as an adult, but it’s my kids favorite practical life activity. Here’s an easy Montessori lesson for washing dishes.

Teach the kids to wash the dishes with this Montessori lesson on

It seems like we are always in the kitchen. Our house is centered around the kitchen and it our favorite room in the house.

Kids that are comfortable in the kitchen are a huge help! Find out how to help them with washing dishes in this preschool lesson on

The kids are so comfortable in the kitchen. They have their own cabinets for food and dishes. They know how to find cooking utensils and materials. I’m so proud of the progress they have made and love their independence.

Kids in the Kitchen is one of our favorite books to help children learn recipes in a Montessori way.

Kids learning to love washing dishes at a young age helps them with their practical life skills. Find more on a Montessori washing dishes lesson on

We started very young with Samuel. He enjoyed pouring and fell in love with washing dishes from an early age. Avalyn is our main dish washer these days, but Sam is always willing to help.

Since we are in the kitchen so much and do a lot of cooking, I have tried to instill in my children that washing dishes is just as much apart of cooking as gathering materials and mixing them together. Every good cook has to clean the dishes!

Here’s the simple way we helped our kids with washing dishes.

Materials for Washing Dishes Lesson

  • stool
  • apron
  • mild dish washing soap (we like Blue Dawn)
  • wash rag
  • drying rack
  • kitchen towel

Washing Dishes Lesson

After you finish with a cooking activity, invite the child to bring their learning tower or stool to the kitchen sink. Typically we have our aprons on while cooking, but you may also invite your child to put on their apron before working at the kitchen sink. Stand next to the child at the sink and tell your child you are going to show him how to wash the dirty dishes.

Ensure all the materials you need are accessible.

Adding soap for Montessori washing dishes lesson on

Start by filling the sink with enough water to wash dishes. Note the amount of water so your child knows how much you would like them to use. Open the dish washing soap and add 20-25 drops to the sink. Close the soap and replace it in it’s spot. Use your hand in the water to create bubbles.

Teach the kids!! Find more on the washing dishes lesson on

Choose one of the dishes you would like to wash. Carefully place the dish into the sink. Use the wash rag to carefully clean the dish ensuring no water spills out of the sink.

Teach the kids!! Adding dishes to the drying rack is an important step in helping kids wash dishes. Find more on the washing dishes lesson on

After the dish is clean, turn on the water and carefully rinse the dish. Move the clean dish to the drying rack.

Teach the kids to wash the dishes with this Montessori lesson on

After all dishes are completed, drain the sink. Carefully use the wash rag to clean all soap bubbles from the sink. Rinse the wash rag and hang appropriately (we hang ours on the edge of the sink).

Teach the kids to wash the dishes with this Montessori lesson on

Once all tasks are complete, dry your hands with the kitchen towel. If the floor is wet, show your child where to find the floor cloth and dry the floor.

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