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Hi All! Here’s a little about Child Led Life!

I’m Marie. I created this blog because of my growing love to follow the lead of my children. We have known we are going to homeschool our children for some time now, but finding a philosophy that fits our exact wants has been hard. So we decided, “Let’s just follow them!”

About our Child Led Life family at ChildLedLife.com

I blog about many different learning styles, homeschool teaching philosophies, and parenting tips. I do reviews for learning materials and books on a variety of topics. Anything that our children find interesting will find it’s way to this blog. The Montessori Method was our first love and has been the first philosophy for our children’s learning. From that has stemmed other philosophies like unschooling, classical education, Reggio and a touch of Waldorf. I have made my children’s learning my main focus in life and have immersed myself in study. I know all my research will be helpful to you – that’s why I’m here! Blogging is a way to share all the information from books, websites, reviews, and materials I find helpful. Also, this is the best way to document our life and share it with family and friends. I pray Child Led Life will become a community where we can all help each other in our adventures in life. Sharing information will create a more fulfilling and well rounded life for our children. In the end, I hope we all create life long learners in our children with a passion to research the unknowns of life.

Any business that would like to work with Child Led Life may visit my media page. I also have a disclosure page with all sorts of legal information for anyone that is interested. If there is anything I can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact me. At Child Led Life we strive to bring up to date information on how to follow the lead of your child in their education.

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A tour of our classroom at ChildLedLife.com

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