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Montessori in our home has been a Godsend. There are few things in a parents life that makes you well up with pride than when a stranger complements your child for good manners or behavior. Here are the top ten sites to best help understand why we should have a good Montessori setup for our home. Our home setup directly relates to our young children understanding the correct manners to use while in public.
Why to use a Montessori setup in your home with the top 10 sites at
“To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.” 
     ~ Maria Montessori
We love traveling, going out to eat (on a budget of course), and visiting family. All of these things are made a million times easier because our children are well behaved. They travel well (here is a post on some techniques I use to help them in the car and plane), they have wonderful manners when ordering their own food at a restaurant, and are often complemented or greeted with astonished looks from adults not used to conversing with a three year old. I don’t brag often on Samuel (3.5) and Avalyn (2) on their wonderful behavior and don’t often over emphasis a wonderful job done. The expectation is set for their good behavior and manners in our home with the environment we have setup for them. Being polite and shaking hands as they greet a new person is just the right thing to do.
I have refined how our home is setup in a Montessori Inspired way for over two years. Living in six homes in the last two years has given me a wide array of areas to practice and refine how a Montessori Inspired environment works in all types of spaces. During my research, I have a set of sites that helped me to learn best how to setup a space for my children to flourish in all areas of the home. Many of the books I have read on the Montessori Method have helped me to speak in a way that enhances my children’s home experience as well as help me understand the reasoning why Dr. Montessori laid out the “rules” she did. It is all so fascinating to me!! I hope you enjoy looking through these suggested sites.
Please let me know of any ways you wish to setup a home to create a wonderful life for your family on our Facebook Page Child Led Life.
Montessori At Home Setup– My Works Montessori YouTube video
Montessori Prepared Environment– NAMC Montessori Teacher Training
Montessori For Us– Pinterest Board
Montessori Classroom– To better understand what we are trying to mimic at home.
Designing A Montessori Home– The Montessori Foundation
Our Montessori Inspired Classroom– Montessori at Home
Classroom Tour-Counting Coconuts
Montessori Homeschool Routine– Confessions of a Montessori Mom

Enjoy your Setup and let me know if you have any questions!