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When we first researched the Montessori Method I was overwhelmed. I had so many questions and the thought that I may never be able to do things the correct way consumed me. I read many helpful books and articles to make the decision that a Montessori setup is for us! Let me share those resources with you.
The Montessori Method can be a little overwhelming at first. Is a Montessori Setup for You? touches on a couple key questions about Montessori to see if you should consider the Montessori Method for your family at

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.”
~Maria Montessori

The first helpful book I read to decide if the Montessori Method would work well in our home is a book by Lisa Nolan. Should you Montessori Homeschool? compiled all the best questions from parents like me wondering if they have the ability to use Montessori in their home. Many common concerns about the social aspect of homeschooling and Montessori training are addressed in the book. I felt much more confident in our decision after reading Lisa’s book, but still had more research to do.

I found a post called Top 10 Montessori Principles of Natural Learning on Living Montessori Now. I was drawn to all the wonderful words I wanted to use to describe our home. Respect. Encourage. Child-Sized. Order. Demonstration. After I settled on using the Montessori Method I wanted to find out more about Maria Montessori.

My favorite books to learn about the Montessori Method:
The Absorbent Mind
The Montessori Method
Montessori From the Start
Beginning Montessori With Infants and Tots Birth to 24 Months
Montessori Inspired Activities for Pre-Schoolers

I love reading history and Maria Montessori is a pioneer in places no one wanted to go. What an amazing lady! I fell in love with her concepts after reading endlessly for months to learn more. I was hooked, but needed the specifics. I needed a program to follow.

Here are some of my top go-to programs and articles:
Montessori for the Earth Affordable Online Montessori Programs for Birth to Nine
Montessori at Home Complete Guide to Doing Montessori Early Learning Activities At Home
Info Montessori How to present Montessori lessons
How to Start Using Montessori at Home Article from Living Montessori Now

After years of researching and having mentors like Lisa Nolan, Deb Chitwood, and John Bowman I created a place to help others who struggled in the beginning with the Montessori Method like I did. Child Led Life Consulting helps you from the start to know what you need, what you can make yourself, where to go for the best information and how to rework your current environment to be a Montessori environment. I wish I had someone to help me in an affordable way when I started. Visit me here so we can get your Montessori inspired home setup!