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Spring weather has beckoned us to get outside and explore! Here are the best hands-on botany lessons.

Hands on lessons for exploring botany on

Nature Walk

Nature walks are one of the best ways to get outside and really notice the type of plants around your home or school.

This spring, we did a nature walk in order to classify the natural items we found around our home.

Nature walks are a great hands on way to explore botany on

Materials Needed:

  • collection container (we used our old Easter baskets)
  • colored chalk
  • outdoor space

EASY botany classification chart on

I created a rough grid on our driveway with the colors I wanted the kids to find. Then I gave them their baskets and let them explore!

Nature walks are a great hands on way to explore botany on

The kids loved classifying each of the natural materials by color! They spent a lot of time taking each piece out of their bucket, noticing the texture, then placing it in the color spaces.

We like to do a nature walk each time we visit new areas of the country. It is so fun to watch your children explore a new geographical area. Try it on your summer vacation or the next time you visit the park!

Vegetable 3 Part Cards

Hands on learning with 3 Part Cards! Botany study on

This set of fruit and vegetable cards are FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers. We use these often to identify fruits and vegetables we have in our home and to learn new fruits and vegetables we have not tried before. This year we used these cards as we prepared to plant our garden! You can find more about incorporating these cards into hands on art work on Natural Beach Living.


HANDS ON BOTANY! Gardening is a wonderful hands on way to introduce botany to children. Find more great hands on ideas on

Gardening is the ultimate hands-on botany lesson! Our kids love to plant seeds, explore root systems, and talk about the necessities for plants to grow strong a healthy. You can complete a couple very fun experiments while you plant your garden this spring!

My kids started gardening very young by using recycled materials to start their first garden. Despite my own black thumb, each year we plant seeds, care of them, and watching them grow.

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Life Cycle of a Bean

Hands on exploring of the bean life cycle on Over at Christian Montessori Network, I featured a fun hands on learning material called bean plant life cycle! These is a great material I bought from Montessori by Mom. Use the coupon code AFFMAMA and recieve $10 off your order!

Fruit and Vegetable Art

Painting Collage watermark Samuel and Avalyn really love painting and were very intrigued with the thought of using food to paint. I took a stalk of celery and cut it to make two pieces. The kids used these pieces as stamps. They chose the color paint and we used paper plates for easy cleanup. Then we cut an apple in half to make a heart shaped stamp. Both children loved exploring with this new hands-on painting experience! Find more on this activity at Natural Beach Living.

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