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Open ended play has seemed to be the play of choice around here! Today I’m excited to let the kids go with open exploration of food stamps with the 2015 Paintathon!

Love this open play idea. Such an easy idea to explore with food stamps.

Paint with Food Stamps

We have painted with food stamps before to make homemade Mother’s Day cards. But it seems to long ago (especially seeing how young the kids look)!

Fun painting with food stamps on

The paint with food stamps project is really easy to put together. We have so busy the last two weeks with all our travel that I barely had time to plan any big projects.

Materials Needed:

  • Butcher Paper
  • Construction Paper
  • Paints
  • Paper Plates
  • Variety of Fruits and Vegetables (we used corn, apples, zucchini, celery, and pears)

I rolled out butcher paper for easy clean up. I sliced all the fruits and vegetables so the kids could choose which stamps they would like to use. Then I let them go at it! A general rule in our house it to choose three paints to mix at a time. Our kids love to mix paint, but it can get a little crazy when ALL the paints are mixed together.

Exploring stamps with broccoli on

Such a fun project! Nature has made beautiful stamps for us to explore.

Fun food stamps with celery on

We loved how our prints turned out ! The celery was a big hit. So was rolling corn! Have fun exploring!

Food stamps on

Find all the great ideas over at the Emma Owl 2015 Paint-A-Thon Main Page!


Need More Ideas?

We has a lot of fun making apple pies! If you are buying a bag of apples for your food stamps, go ahead and save a couple for homemade apple pie.

I love apple pie! This looks like my kids will love it.

Here’s a great list of Hands-on Botany Lessons. Take a couple minutes while you have the fruit and veggies with you to notice the seeds, the texture of the outside, and talk about how they grow!

Hands on lessons for exploring botany on
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