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Teaching your child to read it one of the best gifts you can give. But it can be a little daunting! I’m excited to share with you how I teach reading with hands-on lessons.

Reading is a passion. Royal Road to Reading helps to empower parents with skills to grow passionate readers. Find more on


A little after Christmas last year, my son started showing a huge interest in reading. We are child led around here, so for me that meant finding some kind of reading program that would stimulate and educate while encouraging and empowering. Those are some pretty high standards when you are talking about teaching you child a skill they will use to communicate and learn about the world for the rest of their life! Thankfully I found the Royal Road to Reading program from Age of Montessori.

You may remember my post I Can Teach My Child To Read. In this post I am ecstatic to share with you all of the amazing hands-on materials that accompany this 3 DVD program. As a parent, I felt encouraged to know that have the ability to teach my children to read. For my children, they beg for lesson that give them a hands-on way to learn reading skills. As a family, we are growing and learning in a way I never imagined possible.

Hands-on Reading

Hands-on materials to get kids excited about reading. More on Royal Road to Reading on

The Royal Road to Reading program is centered around its beautifully inviting materials. To my preschool aged children, the materials are irresistible. We added to the cards with our own miniature objects, many of which we found around out home, to enhance the learning experience. It has been perfect!

Natural Progression

One of the things I love the most about the Royal Road to Reading program is the natural progression it helped me to take with my children. Before we started the program, Avalyn loved books. But I didn’t know what to do to take that love to the next level. After watching the DVDs provided with the program, I realized that Avalyn was in the perfect window to start beginning reading work with rhyming.

FUN LEARNING! Rhyming games help increase your child's phonemic awareness. Find out more on

I COULD HAVE MISSED THIS very important sensitive period of reading! Not intentionally, of course. But I just didn’t know. I’m so glad to have the steps to help her grow her vocabulary and move on to letter sounds. And she still LOVES books!

As for my 4 year old son, Samuel. His interest in reading is what gave me the push to find a program that my kids would love. There were so many signs that told me he was ready. He started sounding out EVERYTHING. He would answer my questions by giving me the sound of the first letter the answer started with. He started asking me to read signs and books just so he would know what they said. It was a big flag to me that we needed to dive into something while he was interested.

Samuel enjoyed the material so much. Most day I prepared 3-5 lessons at a time because he didn’t want to stop. It is a thrill for any parent to have your children ask for more hands-on reading lessons!

Reading is a passion. Royal Road to Reading helps to empower parents with skills to grow passionate readers. Find more on

About a month after starting Royal Road to Reading, Samuel finished the last of the popular Bob Books series. We have used the lessons in Royal Road to Reading to help him refine some letter reversal issues he has and help him solidify his abilities to use phonics with long words. He still has a lot to learn, but with confidence I can say he is a reader!

No Timelines to Meet

Reading is a passion. Royal Road to Reading helps to empower parents with skills to grow passionate readers. Find more on

Child led life is exactly how I homeschool. If the kids aren’t interested in it, I don’t push it. I want learning to be fun and exciting. With Royal Road to Reading, there is no checklist of what lesson has to be done on what date. No idea that it’s going to take so many week to teach you child to read. The team at Age of Montessori understands that each child is unique and will learn at their own pace. Sometimes that means that no lessons happen in a day. We just enjoy the love of books!

Is this program right for you?

I’m a firm believer in doing what works best for your family. Every child is not the same nor do we want them to be! How boring life would be if we had cookie cutter children. 🙂 So is Royal Road to Reading right for your family? Here are a couple questions that may help.

  1. Does your child love hands-on learning?
  2. Do you love easy to follow lessons?
  3. Would you benefit from having all the materials and complete training show up on your doorstep?

Answer yes to any of these questions and I know you will love this program as much as I do. And as a bonus for those of us that have multiple aged children or are home care providers, Royal Road to Reading can be used with several children at one time and the materials can be passed down for many years.

I am happy to answer questions you may have in the comments below or you can join the conversation at Child Led Life on Facebook

Age of Montessori Royal Road To Reading 

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