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We LOVE to travel. Since the time Samuel was 8 weeks old we have been doing cross country trips, weekend trips, and day trips to visit family, friends, and fun. I have put together some of the best tips for travel with children that I have learned over the last 4 years of being Mommy!

Summer time is always a great time to travel. Kids are out of school and the beaches are open! We have been going to the beach consistently this time of year for the last 4 years. We usually drive when we travel, but have taken a couple of flights with the kids and you can find out how that went here.

This beach trip was only a 6 hour drive. I have done anything from a cross country trips to day trip with my kids and we always have a blast. Here are a couple entertainment things I almost always bring to keep our trip productive and calm. We don’t take any electronics and rarely have the radio on. A lot of great conversation and fun games!

First, we ALWAYS have books in our car. We have an unused bin strapped in between the two kids that is full of book. Two books that we get the most out of are My First Colors: Let’s Learn Them All! and a Look and Find book. The kids have a blast asking me what kind of items I would like in my “basket” from the items in the My First Colors book. Seriously, I spend hours telling them which item I would like. When I don’t know which to guess I ask them to describe the item to me. Samuel mostly uses the Look and Find book as an easier Where’s Waldo kind of book.

Avalyn sleeps a good amount of our trips. I have been VERY blessed to have a little lady that can fall asleep about anywhere and sleeps for hours on end just like you see here. Love her!

Having kids nap in the car is a great way to help them pass the time and for your to concentrate on the road. They can wake up refreshed and ready for any activities that may come up at your destination. I almost always plan my trips around Ava’s nap time. We typically try to arrive when we know she should be done with napping. For her that is 3 pm. I plan my trip to be at our destination by that time. For me that helps keep bed time consistent and for tired parents who have been driving for a long while.

Samuel is a hit or miss napper. Sometimes he does off but most often now he chooses to stay awake and work on other activities.

Here on the left Sam is working on counting. I’m not sure which book he is using for his counting, but he has decided to work on his addition during the ride. We do a lot of counting on our trip. We will count the number of big trucks we see. Or we notice the numbers on the exit signs or speed limit signs. Number recognition is something Sam is interested in so we take this on the road with us with limited materials needed.

On the right Samuel is working on his writing using a magnetic writing board. They are awesome in the car. No markers or crayons falling all over or paper getting shredded. Avalyn likes to use this too, but for Sam this is a big winner. I will ask him to draw his letters or maybe a picture. Lots of great entertainment value in the magnetic board.

We pack a lot of snacks. I don’t like stopping. Unless it is for gas or EMERGENCY potty breaks (usually by me) we just don’t. We pack a lunch to have on our trip and find a great rest area to enjoy. The kids take the opportunity to do a couple laps back and forth to a close by tree to stretch their legs and we use the bath room then we are on our way again. For me, I like to get where I’m going so stops or short. 🙂
Great snack ideas for us:
Graham Crackers
Pre-made PB&J
Veggie Sticks
Pre-cut Apples
Once we are done with lunch and getting gas we are on the road again. My kids are awesome and this is them before I even have an opportunity to get in the car! Already have two other great activites.
Avalyn is working with a Melissa and Doug Travel Memory Game. She isn’t really using it as a memory game, but the little doors are a lot of fun to open and close. She is working on fine motor skills with this one. This is a very sturdy game and we have had a lot of great fun with the memory cards inside.
Samuel is playing with something I know I used to play with when I was young. It’s a handheld water game with rings! You know the ones that you push the little buttons and air moves the rings around. What a classic game. He loves it and I am glad to have it on our trip.
We talk a lot on our trips about where we are going and what we are going to do. We play some other games like I Spy and the ABC game where you look at the signs and try to find the alphabet in order.
Travelingl? This is some of the best advice for travel with kids all in one wonderful post on

Traveling is so much easier with a little preparation. I hope you enjoy the summer travel season!

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