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I am excited to have an amazing Montessori vlogger friend of mine from Why Not Montessori to share a video tour of her son’s Montessori toddler bedroom. We transformed our home into a Montessori home almost 3 years ago and have loved every moment of it!  Enjoy Sindy’s tour and subscribe to her channel when you get a free minute!

Check out this video! This is a wonderful visual example of how to setup a Montessori toddler bedroom from Why Not Montessori on

Hi friends! I’ll start by thanking Marie for having me today, and allowing me to share with you one of my passions.


About Sindy

Sindy from Why Not Montessori shares with a tour of a Montessori bedroom!

I’m Sindy from “Why Not Montessori” on YouTube, I love sharing about Montessori and how to implement this method at home. I live in Minnesota with my smokin’ hot husband and sweet son. Come learn with us about Montessori and enjoy the video!