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Another exciting month of the 12 Months of Montessori Learning! For our focus on fine arts, the kids and I decided to explore writing materials!

Exploring Writing Materials with Kids on Child Led Life

We have have an amazing year with the 12 Months of Montessori Learning series. Check back next year for more amazing themed posts from many very talented Montessori bloggers. Don’t forget to check all the links at the bottom of this post for all the great fine arts posts.

This is really great for working with fine motor skills and allowing their creativity to run. Writing also helps with language development as children are learning new words and their meaning.

This was also a fun way to experiment with texture, shapes, and line thicknesses. We talked about how certain materials would make a thin line and others made a thick line. We also talked about which ones were hard or smooth, etc.

In addition to writing materials, we also talked about different types of art supplies in general.

Explore Writing Materials with Kids

Both of my kids have loved writing from an early age. They observe me writing lists and always want to mimic what I do. For this fun discovery, we tried out several types of writing materials. Opening the kids horizons to more than a pencil and paper has been very rewarding. (Don’t forget to try out these fun writing materials yourself!)

Explore Writing with Paintbrush and Watercolors

Exploring writing with watercolors and paintbrush

Water colors can be a little tricky to paint with, but the kids love exploring the different colors. We noticed how to much water makes the paints runny and the color faint. We noticed how the paintbrush made wide strokes and different paintbrushes made different strokes. Setting up this activities at different times of the year is very rewarding especially as your child’s skill increases.

Explore Writing with Sharpie

Exploring writing with Sharpie

This is a VERY special event. I don’t typically give my 3 and 5 year olds permanent Sharpie, but recently I have found a lot of stress relief from adult coloring pages. My kids requested their own. I was astonished at how serious they were about their coloring. They chose all their own colors and have done an amazing job with this sometimes daunting writing materia

Explore Writing with Nature

explore fir tree with painting

Grab a branch of a tree and use it as a paintbrush! Notice the different type of strokes that are made and how it is harder to pick up paint with waxy leaves. We used a fir branch, but you are welcome to try several and explore!

Explore other types of writing materials outside the house. What would a tree branch do? Maybe a rock. Give them a try to see how they affect the drawings! Your kids will have lots of fun exploring this new material!

Explore Writing with Magic Board

Exploring writing with magic board

This is a really wonderful writing experience. Using an ancient Asian style calligraphy brush, we wrote on our magic board. This board dries on it’s own and can be used over and over again. It’s a really amazing writing material!

Discovery is an amazing process. When we expose our kids to lots of different types of materials, they are able to explore and discover how each material works with their own unique style.

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