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I LOVE DIY projects. I love the idea of saving money and making wonderful hands on activities for cheap. These DIY geography boxes didn’t cost me a penny and the kids love them!

FREE to make DIY Geography Boxes! Find all the 12 Months of Montessori Learning geography posts on

I love DIY projects. Fun hands on activity for the kids and I to do together and easy on the budget! For the 12 Months of Montessori Learning series, we are focusing on Geography for the month of February. Find all the links to 9 other blog posts on Geography at the bottom of this post.

FREE to make geography boxes with lessons on


  • Set of Graduated Boxes
  • Construction Paper (black, orange, state colors, city colors)
  • Printed Pictures of Earth, Country, State, and City
  • Glue
  • Scissors

DIY Steps

This is one of the easiest projects I have put together. I had all the materials were in my amazing closet. You can modify this with materials you have on hand.

First, gather boxes and removed the flaps. You can save these extra pieces and doing something awesome like, make a cardboard loom for kids to learn beginning weaving!

Recycled boxes with construction paper make easy geography boxes on

Glue the construction paper to one side of each box. I chose to use a black background for my Earth box to represent space. I chose orange as the background for North America. This is the traditional color for North America on the Montessori map. I used red and blue for the state of North Carolina box. Brown for our city. Our home box is already a lot of fun, so I decided to leave it.

Cut out pictures. Pretty easy step.

Glue on cut pictures for easy DIY geography boxes on

Glue cut pictures to corresponding boxes.

All done! Very easy DIY project.

Geography Boxes made from recycled boxes on

The Lesson

After we made our DIY geography boxes, I added one fun lesson for each of our boxes.

Hugg A Planet Earth review while studying geography with DIY geography boxes on

For the Earth, we revisited our Hugg a Planet Earth. We used this last year on Earth Day and had a lot of fun with it! This time we talked more about all the continents and reviewed land and water.

USA Puzzle lesson while studying DIY geography boxes on

For the country of United States of America, we did our fun United States Map Floor Puzzle. The kids love puzzles and as we worked through it we noticed the state of North Carolina.

North Carolina 3 Part Cards from Trillium Montessori are perfect for our study of our state and our DIY grography boxes on

For North Carolina, I have wonderful set of North Carolina 3 part cards that came free with my subscription to Trillium Montessori. I printed them off and the kids and I worked through some of the highlights of North Carolina.

For Efland….there really isn’t to much here! We talked about what a city is and we looked at some of the mail we get that has our city on it. We talked about the cities we visit in North Carolina. We talked about where grandparents live and how we travel to different cities for fun activities.

Adding our favorite thing about home while we study geography with DIY geography boxes on

For our home, we have a small treasure box. I asked the kids to tell me one thing they love about our home and we wrote them down to add inside.

After we did all the activities for each of our boxes, we stacked the boxes inside each other. We talked about how our house is in the city of Efland. How Efland is in the state of North Carolina. Then how North Carolina is in the country of the United States of America. And how the USA is one country on Earth.

You could easily add on more boxes. We might have added North America as our continent or added our county if we had more boxed. Trillium Montessori has a great example of a full set of geography boxes from the universe down to you home or school.

The kids had a blast with this very easy DIY geography lesson!

I would love to see your DIY projects. Share with me more on Child Led Life’s Facebook Page!

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