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The study of zoology is fascinating to most children. The kids and I worked through a fun, hands-on unit on fish that is paired with 10 other Montessori bloggers in the 12 Months of Montessori Learning series.

Montessori Inspired Zoology Fish Unit on

June is zoology month for the 12 Months of Montessori Learning series. Don’t forget to check in on all the post this month from 10 other wonderful Montessori bloggers. Find all the links at the bottom of this post.

Parts of a Fish

Fish 3 Part Cards on the 12 Months of Montessori Learning Montessori Inspired Zoology Fish Unit on

Montessori really wanted children to be exposed to all types of vocabulary and information so she used 3 part cards to introduce new concepts. I found a set of free fish 3 part cards and used those with the kids to boost their vocabulary when we started this unit. I like to laminate my 3 part cards so they will last through the weeks on the shelf and through the use by both kids over time.

If you need help presenting a 3 part cards lesson, I suggest watching this video.

Go Fishing

Hands on Learning! Go Fishing with the Montessori Inspried Zoology Fish Unit on

We have always been a very hands on learning type family. This unit study is no different. For our study of fish we went fishing! The kids loved it! Find some good tips for fishing with kids here.

If you get a chance to catch a fish, take time to notice it’s scales, fins, and other parts of a fish. Many places we like to fish are catch and release only. This type of learning is unforgettable so don’t be worried about getting out there and trying something new.

Don’t worry if you don’t catch anything. The process and time spent with your child is just as important so enjoy! Also, you can find a stocked pond in your area and up your chances of a good catch!

DIY Fishing Poles and Fish

We don’t all have the ability to get out and go fishing. We have a set of DIY fishing poles and fish in our house that are very easy to make!

DIY Fishing Pole and Fish Tutorial on

Materials Needed:

Start by painting the wooden fish. Ours are painted on color to each fish, but you can use your artistic abilities here. I’m sure the kids would love to help with this step.

Once the fish are dry, use the hot glue gun to add on one flat magnet to each fish.

For the fishing poles, tie the fishing line to the wooden dowel. We used a type of twine we had in our house already so anything you have on hand will work too. Tie a float to each line and a magnet with hole to the bottom.

Lay the fish flat on the ground and use the fishing pole to go fishing anytime and anywhere!

Aquarium Visits

Touch tank at a local aquarium for fish unit on

Another great way to learn more about fish in a hands on way is to visit an aquarium. We lived near Atlanta, GA, for a while and LOVE the aquarium there. We visited family in the area not long ago and took the kids in to visit again. They have a touch tank that is wonderful! Don’t forget to let your kids ask question to the staff. Not only will they get some great information, but they will also work on their communication and public speaking skills.

Read About Fish

Both of the kids have been working their reading skills and LOVE books. Here’s a good list of books on fishing to add to your fish unit study.

Hook, Line, and Sinker book for fish unit on


Hook, Line, and Sinker is a book made especially for kids about fishing. The pictures in this book are very inviting and the information makes fishing fun!

About Fish: A Guide for Children for fish unit on


About Fish: A Guide for Children is the perfect edition to your library. Beautiful pictures and lots of great information.

All About Fish for fish unit on


All About Fish really helps children understand the types of fish and how to take care of them.

Fish Science

Love this beginning science exploration! Fish scales under a microscope in the Montessori Inspired Zoology Fish Unit.

The microscope has been a new love for our kids. They love looking at about anything under the microscope. For this study, I ordered microscope slide set that had fish in it. Realistically, my kids are little and some of these will probably break, so I didn’t break the bank getting these in our collection, but am really happy with the quality and it definitely got the kids exited about fish!

I hope you get some inspiration from our unit on fish and don’t forget to check out all the Montessori zoology posts in the links below!
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