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Laundry days are one of my favorite days. I’m weird, I know! But I love having clean clothes and it is a time to review the week. When my husband travels for business, it is always an interesting time. I find while I’m thinking of when he will be home I start to count my laundry days.

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When I brought my son home from the hospital I was inundated with laundry. You don’t know laundry until you bring a baby home. How does this happen? They are so small, but laundry seems exponential. And of course I was one of those moms that washed all the baby things separate, with special laundry, and, of course, only line dried. I got over that quick!

I also didn’t want to do laundry…every…single…day! It just seemed to binding to my new role as stay at home mother. So I started making designated laundry days. Ours are Wednesday and Saturday. Makes sense to me. Mid week and once on the weekend. Nowadays I do everyone’s laundry together and really enjoy the chore.

Laundry tells me a lot about my family. For the kids, I see what kind of week did they had. Did they play outside and get all muddy? Did they have a pajama day? Was there a special holiday that required a pretty dress or nice pants for Samuel?

For my husband and I, laundry tell me how many workouts we did. Did my husband have special meetings with clothes that need to be ironed (not that I iron clothes)? Did I have a day that I got to wear just yoga pants?

Another thing I see is who is missing. For the last couple weeks my husband has been traveling for work. His clothes are absent from our laundry baskets. No extra work clothes to wash or dark socks to match up. No sweaty t-shirts or extra large sweatshirts.

I love laundry days, but I miss the extra load of laundry that comes when a person is missing in the home. So I count his coming home in laundry days. It makes it a little better to say he will be home in 5 laundry days. Or, “We have only two more laundry days until Daddy is home.”

I would love to hear the special way you count the days until your loved one is home. You are welcome to comment below or visit me on Child Led Life Facebook Page.

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