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I’m not much on asking for things, but Christmas time is special. First, we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus and share that love openly with the world! Second, we get to dream, window shop, and of course share our Child Led Life top gifts for preschoolers Christmas wish list. This year I’m making my list public with a list of items I would love to see in our Montessori Inspired home.

Are you starting your Christmas shopping? Here's Top Gifts for Preschoolers on

Top Gifts

Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors have been on my list for a long time. Aren’t they great?! They have so much potential and would be a perfect open play addition to our home.

K’nex 70 Model Building Set would be great for my two little engineers. They love to build and this would give a new way to create!

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn has so many features I love. It opens like a doll house to allow open play. This would be great to use with the Montessori Grammar Farm game.

Farm TOOB animals would of course add a little more to our barn and farm game.

MindWare Pattern Play would go great with our Imaginets. Both of my kids love patterns and would have a blast working with all these different colors and shapes.

Sequence for Kids looks like a lot of fun. Now that Ava is a little older, some younger kids games are a lot of fun to play at home. Glad we get a family game night in as often as we can.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Calendar I think would really help my kids. I’m always working off a calender and often tell them we have to consult the calendar to see what our days have in store for us. They would get a lot of use out of this!

Judy Clock would also help with our discussions on scheduling. Often I refer to a certain time of day as being important and it would be great to teach the kids how to read that time on an analog clock.

Children’s Card Games just seem classic. I feel like a bad parent because I have not played Old Maid with my kids yet!
Little Passports definatly makes the Christmas wish list on
Little Passports looks like so much fun. They just came out with a new Early Explorers program for ages 3-5! It’s going on the list. #Christmas wish list of course would have a least one book.  My Night Before Christmas from ISeeMe makes the list. created personalized books for kids. With as much as my kids love books, I can’t help but at at least one book to our Christmas wish list.

Christmas wish lists are so much fun to make. This is our top 11 gifts for preschoolers on

Important Christmas Wish

The last thing I always love to suggest to my family is to plan an outing with my kids. Take them to a movie, out for ice cream, to a special show, or just go to the park! Memories are made with experiences and not just by what is under the tree Christmas morning.

Mommy’s Christmas Wish List

AND since I’m making the list here’s what I would love to have.

SmartWool Margarita Womens Socks are my all time favorite. I guess I’m officially a mother now that I ask for sock for Christmas and can think of many wonderful gifts for my kids!

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Have a wonderful holiday season!

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