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Things I Didn’t Do Before I Had a Son

I always wanted a son. And now that we have had him in our lives for four and a half years it is hard to remember life without him there. He is a joy and a light always, but I find it interesting how much my own behavior has changed because I have a son. Maybe you can relate to some things I didn’t do before I had a son.

Having a son is a blast, but I find myself doing things I never thought I would! Find out more at

1. Always Clean the Toilet Seat…Always

I typically have pretty good hygiene when it comes to going to public bathrooms, but I never thought I would have the need to clean the toilet seats at home …. EVERY TIME!

2. Play Swords

I have brothers, but I can never remember playing swords. I have perfected the knights battle, ninja fight, and knife duel with or without the use of a prop. Pretty impressive I think!

3. Make Funny Noises

Karate noises, truck noises, animal noises, weird walking noises, and about anything else you can hear. Mostly thanks to the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

4. Create a Lego Line In My Budget

Lego have taken over our house…why do I agree to buy more! I’m not sure I have ever visited any aisle in any store as much as we visited the Lego aisle. Not only do I now build and play with Lego, I now had to create a Lego line in my budget form to be sure we can feed my son’s love for Lego.

5. Know the Names of Trucks

I have a military background and have had to memorize some important vehicle names while in that career, but that is NOTHING compared to the constant grilling from a little man in the backseat of a car. “Mommy, what’s that?” “That’s an excavator.” Or scraper, combine harvester, tractor, backhoe, paver, crane, forklift, and the list goes on and on. It like a constant life pop quiz.

6. Check All Pockets Before Doing Laundry

When I got married I told my husband there are two things I don’t do while doing laundry. Check pockets and unroll dirty socks. Then wouldn’t you know my baby boy came around and LOVES to explore outside. And now I have to do the two things I said I wouldn’t. I have found all sorts of interesting things in his pockets before throwing them in the wash. Acorns, rocks, pirate treasure, feathers, and a myriad of other little finds.

7. Understand Concentration with Your Tongue Out

You have seen it. A child is so intent on what they are doing they stick out their tongue. My son is that guy. And he won’t hear you either while he is doing it! He is so focused. It’s really very amazing!

8. Set a Timer 20 Times a Day

One of our best techniques to help our children to stay on task is to set a timer. Samuel does great with setting a time limit to get things done and now I do it constantly throughout the day to help our day move along. There are no arguments though, just a happy little bell to help us get to the next task.

9. Use Animated Voice While Reading Books

I have a degree in education and of course they help you there to read books to young children. Make it interesting they said. Inflection in your voice they said. A 4 year degree could never teach me how to read a book aloud as much as the happy smile and giggle I get from my son while I read about


      Big Bad


Enjoy your little guy today!

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