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There are tons of great gift ideas out there for Dads on Father’s Day, but the gift of time is what my husband asked for. These ideas are screen free too!

Need some ideas to help Dads and kids connect with Father's Day? Screen Free with Dad on

In my post Outdoor Exploration: 10+ Ideas for Dads and Kids I shared with you several great outdoor activities you can do with Dad this Father’s Day. Here are more great ideas to spend time with Dad!

Screen Free with Dad

All though we do love a good movie with Dad, here are some great screen free ideas to spend time with Dad even when you can’t get outside.

Build with Lego and Paint with Dad this Father's Day. Find more great Father's Day ideas on

Build with Lego – Building with Lego bricks are so much fun. You can buy a new set and create something fun. Or use your imagination to build something brand new. Use the new creation for dramatic play. This kind of dramatic play is a great way to “talk” about difficult topics like improper touch and bullying.

Make a Pirate Spy Glass – Dads have a great way of sharing art with children. Make a spy glass with paper towel rolls. Take the spy glass on a pirate adventure around your house or yard!

Talk with Dad while he gets ready for work. Tell him about your plans for the day and give Mom a little break! (Did I say that out loud?)

Son’s Time with Dad

The time Dad spends with his son is a special and important time in a boy’s life. Even if you are an uncle or grandfather, find a boy to pass on the lessons of life and enjoy learning more about them.

A son't time with Dad is so special. Here are some screen free ideas to spend time with Dad this Father's Day on

Build Pinewood Derby Car – This link has very detailed directions! Hands on projects allow time for dads and sons to talk through life without having to feel awkward sitting across a table from each other.

Awesome Unplugged Activities for Boys – This list will keep Dad and son happy for days!

How to Throw a Baseball – Taking out the competition and just have a good time throwing a baseball!

Books with Dad


I highly recommend the book Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys for any man that has a boy in his life, but especially Dads with sons. I just finished the chapter on the boy and his father. Such powerful information there. Well worth the read.

Best Father Son Activity Books shared on

10 Awesome Father-Son Activity Book – I love this list for Dads and kids on Brain Power Boy

Daughter’s Time with Dad

The bond between a Dad and his daughter is so precious. I have watched the sweetest moments in my life as my daughter loves on her Dad.

A daughter's time with Dad is so special. Here are some screen free ideas to spend time with Dad this Father's Day on

Starbucks Date – Dad can take his daughter to Starbucks. My husband took Avalyn out for her 3rd birthday. While he had coffee, she had steamed milk. They talked in a comfy chair about nothing important. I’m happy to say I don’t have a picture because my husband left his phone and two work phones in the car just to give his uninterrupted attention to his baby girl.

Go Shopping – Window shopping is fun for girls at any age. Dad may find something sweet to buy is daughter or they may love to people watch!

Play Her Favorite Game – For Avalyn this would be to play with her new doctor set. Other girls may love scavenger hunts or painting. Find what she loves to do and Dad can share the same interest.

Need More Fun Father’s Day Ideas?

Get boys and their dads spending some quality time together with the best books for boys on father-son activities. 10 great books to choose from on Brain Power Boy.

Whether you’re looking for {Father’s Day crafts}, traditions or recipes the Super Mommy Club has got you covered! Father’s Day Crafts, Activities, and Recipes – Includes Free Printables on The Super Mommy Club

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