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Our kids LOVE to cook. This time they are in the kitchen showing how to make gingerbread cookies. There is so much learning going on while we work in the kitchen. History, following instruction, counting, measuring, fine motor skills, and so much more! I hope you enjoy learning from my two little ones!

Kids Show How to Make #Gingerbread Cookies on

Gingerbread History

I love adding a little history to our cooking adventures. Gingerbread has been around since 2400 BC and in the late Middle Ages, Europeans had their own version of gingerbread. (Resource here). More than likely your ancestors have made gingerbread cookies before! How fun to do something that is apart of family heritage.

Gingerbread houses started to be popular around the time Hansel and Gretel was published. More great gingerbread history facts from PBS on

After the publication of the Brothers Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel, gingerbread houses started to be popular during the 16th century. Around the same time, gingerbread became associated with Christmas and many traditions started to include gingerbread cookies and houses.

Gingerbread Reading

Since there is so much history and popularity with gingerbread houses and Hansel and Gretel, the kids and I decided to pull out our copy to add to our reading list.

Hansel & Gretel is a beautiful book and the kids love the story. We have read many different versions. The traditional Brothers Grimm version is a little much for my two right now, but it will be fun to read in the coming years.

How to Make Gingerbread

We borrowed a recipe from my husband’s grandmother to make dough for gingerbread cookies from scratch. I know there are many boxed versions in the store, but I don’t feel like the learning is the same. We love to pull out measuring utensils, talk about what tablespoons and teaspoons are, and observe how one is bigger than the other. Learning has always been in the doing for me so I like to keep that consistent for my children.

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Since sharing a grandmother’s recipe is against every rule I can think of, here is a good Kid Friendly Gingerbread Cookie Recipe that is very close to the one we used.

This process took us a full day. Then we iced and make our gingerbread houses the next day. It was nice to have a break in the recipe while we let the dough chill and it help the kids stay more involved.

On with the process!

Our kids love learning in the kitchen. This time we are making gingerbread cookies as a classic #Christmascookie on

Our kids love their aprons. Their grandmother made these special for them and they get a lot of love! Putting on the aprons helps the kids stay focused on the project at hand. We have two stools the kids use in the kitchen, although younger cooks may like a learning tower.

I’m the kind of cook that likes to use an ingredient then put it away. I feel cluttered if there are a ton of things all over the counter while I’m working. So the kids did a lot of this gathering. I read off which ingredient we needed then they would bring it to our work place.

Pouring is a great practical life skill to use in the kitchen. Adding molasses to our #gingerbread cookie recipe on

Avalyn worked hard to get the shortening and molasses measured. Pouring is a great practical life skill.

Do you love to help your kids in the kitchen? Our kids love to measure ingredients. Brown sugar is a key ingredient in our  #gingerbread cookies on

Samuel measured out our brown sugar. We talked a little about how one cup is bigger than 1/2 cup or 1/4 cup. Its an easy thing to see since the cups sit well within each other.

Kids love to help in the kitchen. Adding all the ingredients for #gingerbreadcookies is a fun way to get kids in the kitchen at

The kids worked together to pour all the measured ingredients in the mixing bowl.

What a cool pictures! Adding an egg to the #gingerbread recipe on

This picture was just to great! Samuel added our egg to the batter and I happened to catch it at the right time. This is a big accomplishment for Sam. He is not a fan of slimy and breaking an egg is not his favorite thing to do. So this was a big step!

Kids love to help in the kitchen. Sifting and scooping was the highlight while making #gingerbread cookies at

The process of measuring the flour and sifting it was a huge highlight. Avalyn was so intent on measuring the flour that she did it for the next half hour, even after we finished all the sifting. Our sifter has a small hexagon inside so that was a little math lesson too! Samuel loved the sifter. So we lingered on the step a little longer than necessary to allow the kids to explore a little more.

Measuring is something kids love to help with in the #kidskitchen. We added our baking soda to our gingerbread cookie recipe on

When we are cooking we always have a great conversation about tablespoons and teaspoons. Samuel measures out the baking powder for our recipe and adds it to the sifter.

Do you love to cook with your kids? This is a great post on kids making #gingerbread cookies on

After measuring and sifting the dry ingredients, the kids scooped the flour in batches into the batter.

Kids are fascinated with the mixer! Mixing #gingerbread cookie dough on

After we added all the ingredients we mixed everything in the mixer. The kids loved watching this process!

Once the dough was finished mixing, we divided it into 3 large pieces and wrapped them to chill in the refrigerator. This was a great time to take a little break from the kitchen and keep the kids interested in this project.

Kids love rolling the #gingerbread cookie dough on

After the dough chilled, we rolled it out on a floured surface.

Cookie cutters are a great way to help kids make fun #gingerbreadhouses  on

We love using cookie cutters to make the pieces for our gingerbread houses. We also pulled out all our cookie cutters and the kids had a blast making all sorts of Christmas shapes.

Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter in on Amazon if you would like to get one! (aff.) I found ours a Target and am in LOVE with it! No more having to buy kits to make gingerbread houses.

Putting cookies in the oven is my job. We baked up as many cookies as the kids wanted to bake. During that process, my oven broke! So we had a couple casualties, but still had quite a few to let cool until the next day.

Cleaning up is apart of cooking #gingerbread cookies on

While the cookies bakes, Avalyn washed the dishes. This is a chore she loves to do!

Icing #gingerbread cookies after all the hard work to bake them is so rewarding on

The next day, I whipped up easy powdered sugar icing. I added about a half cup of powdered sugar, a splash of vanilla, and tablespoon of milk until I got the consistency I liked. Then I added the icing to zip lock bags with a little hole in one corner. The mess was contained and he kids got to ice their own cookies.

Kids Show How to Make Gingerbead Cookies on

I thought the end product turned out great. The kids really enjoyed them and the process!

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I hope you take time to bake with your kids in the kitchen this holiday season.

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