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This Easter we are being a little more intentional in our study of the Resurrection. Our kids are in love with being in the kitchen and the kitchen provides a wonderful hands on learning environment for this fun kids in the kitchen Easter activity.

Fun hands on kids In the kitchen Easter activity to help kids understand the Resurrection of Jesus on

While at a wonderful session with our church group, a friend of mine shared one of her family traditions to have Resurrection cookies with ice cream. Sounds EXACTLY like what my kids would love to have. But these cookies are special. They are made and prepared with care and a lesson goes along with the making.

This activity is intended to do the night before Easter, we are doing it a little early so we can share our lesson with you all. I hope you will keep this pinned to your best Pinterest board to remember to do the night before Easter!

I’m sure there are quite a few recipes out there for Resurrection Cookies we chose to use one from Kids Cooking Activities.

The way you present this activities is much how we decorated our tree at Christmas. There is intention and meaning to all the ingredients and a story that goes along with the making of these special cookies.

We have a couple kids bibles we like to use in our home. One of our favorites is The Jesus Storybook Bible. The pictures are beautiful and the stories are easy for young kids to be interested in. We also have the Day by Day Kid’s Bible which guides us through our daily reading. But neither of these bibles have the specific verses that are recommended to read while doing this recipe. So I just pulled out my much loved and trusted personal bible, NIV Student Bible, Compact.

It helped quite a bit to have the passages marked before doing the recipe. I think the added preparation on the parent/teachers part is well worth the effort.

Gathering Cooking Ingredients

Easter Resurrection Cookies call for specific ingredients. We started by gathering everything we needed. Thankfully I have a pretty stocked kitchen and only needed pecans to make this recipe. The eggs we found in our own backyard!

1 cup pecan halves
1 teaspoon white vinegar
3 egg whites (room temperature for best results)
Pinch of salt
1 cup sugar

Soldiers Beat Jesus

Peacan smash represent Roman soldiers beat Jesus while we make resurrection cookies on

After preheating the oven, we used our rolling pin and wooden spoon to break the pecans into small pieces. I’m not going to lie,  I did get choked up explaining to my children how the Roman soldiers beat Jesus. Then we took a minute to read John 19: 1-3.

Soldiers Offered Vinegar

Smell vinegar to remember what Romans gave Jesus vinegar while he was on the cross. Find more on resurrection cookies on

The kids got a chance to smell the white vinegar. We talked about the soldiers offering vinegar to Jesus while he was on the cross and read John 19:28-30.

Jesus Gave His Life

Eggs represent the beginning of life and how Jesus gave his life for us in Resurrection cookies on

We get to see the miracle of fresh eggs almost everyday. The kids and I talked about the eggs in this recipe represent the life Jesus gave and we read John 10:10-11.

Jesus’ Followers Shed Tears

Add a pinch of salt for the tears Jesus' followers  shed. Resurrection cookies are a great hands on activity to help kids understand Easter on

My kids are so excited about measuring with measuring spoons, it took them a minute to understand a pinch is a measurement too. They tasted a bit of salt, added a pinch to our bowl, and we read Luke 23:27.

Jesus Loves Us

Taste the sweet love of Jesus while making resurrection cookies on

The tiny bitter taste of salt is quickly overtaken by the sweet taste of sugar. What a beautiful representation to help understand Jesus’ love for us! The kids tasted a bit of sugar then we read John 3:16.

Jesus’ Purity

Watching peaks form while making resurrection cookies on

This was fun! My kids love using the mixer and watching the peaks form was a new culinary technique we have not talked about before. We talked about the mixture forming white peaks and read Isaiah 1:18.

Jesus’ Tomb

Mounds of cookies for Jesus tomb while making resurrection cookies on

We added in our pecans and made mounds with our mixture. While the kids worked on scooping and creating Jesus’ tomb, I read Matthew 27:57-60.

Closing Jesus’ Tomb

Taping close the tomb of Jesus closed to signify the stone in front of Jesus' tomb on

We turned off the oven as soon as we put the cookies in. We taped the door closed to signify the tomb being sealed then we left the tomb alone. We read Matthew 27:65-66.

Sad to Leave the Tomb

I explained to the kids that we needed to leave the cookies in the oven for a long time. We talked more about how Jesus’ followers were so sad to see the tomb closed. We talked about how we feel sad when someone in our life dies and how much we miss them. We read John 16:20 & 22.

Joy of an Empty Tomb

After we left the cookies for most of the day, we opened the tomb to discover the cookies were hollow inside. We talked about this was how the first Easter was with the empty tomb then read Matthew 28:1-9.

This kind of hands on activity really helps kids understand the lessons we try to teach them. No doubt they will be happy to tell the story of the empty tomb to their friends and family!