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Someone made a joke the other day on Facebook that you might be a homeschool parent if you use Halloween as reason to study skeletons. Well, that’s me! I love bringing the Fall world around us to a hands on lesson for our kids. Since we have been seeing so many skeletons around with all the Halloween decorations, why not take a closer look at the bones inside. Here are some fun skeleton preschool activities we did this week!

Skeleton activities on

Use Museums

I wish I could fill my house with amazing resources on all the topics I want to help my children learn, but I know that’s not realistic. I use children’s museums a lot to supplement our education. I know which ones near us have the great learning stations on different subjects. For our study on the skeleton, I took the kids over to our local Children’s Museum of Alamance County where they have a great station for learning all about the body.

Skeleton Fun collage 1

Sam put together the life size skeleton puzzle and we talked a little about where those bones are in his body. Then we worked with some x-rays and discussed how doctors use x-rays to be sure our bones are healthy.


We always love adding books to our studies. This time we found some books that the kids really loved.

Sam book

Sam has been really interested in Dr. Seuss, so this book was perfect. Inside Your Outside: All About the Human Body is a fun book all about the bones in your body. Sam read it a couple times while we were at the museum  and I’m sure it will be on our list for the next time we go to the library.
ISeeMe Personalized Chidren's Boojs
A couple other books for studying about the skeleton and body:

Skeleton Crafts

Skeleton crafts idea from Discovery Moments on

Skeleton out of pasta at Discovery Moments.

Skeleton spelling game from JDaniel4’s Mom.

Shake Them Bones Skeleton Worksheet from Kiboomu Kid Songs.


This is a great video with the Montessori Anatomy Nomenclature for Parts of the Skeleton

Fun video for children with real names of the bones.

Need More?

Pinay Homeschooler with a great resources for our Skeleton study on

Pinay Homeschooler has a fun Skeletal System and Internal Organs posts.

Every Start is Different has a post on My Body Activities for Tots & Preschoolers.

Living Montessori Now has a Montessori Inspired Skeleton Unit.

Just Montessori has a fun Body Unit.

Carrots are Orange has Skeleton Activities for Kids.

More Kids Activities

Fun Activities

Have fun with your children in the kitchen making Fall Pumpkin Soup at Child Led Life

Fall Pumpkin Soup with Children with an added easy recipe and fun art project!

Having backyard chickens has been a lot of fun. Check out some great preschool chicken activities at

Preschool Chicken Activities with a great list of chicken children’s books.

Mushroom Preschool Lesson help children explore the outdoors at

Mushroom Preschool Lesson making the most out of outside exploration.

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