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Fun Activities

We do lots of fun activities at Child Led Life. About anything my kids are interested in we do. A good amount of it is self discovery and child led!

I believe doing is the best way to learn. We are a hands on family and hope to share some of our wonderful fun activities with you here!

Child Led Life is all about exploring the fun activities in life one adventure at a time! All of our best activities on one page at

Kids in the Kitchen

We are in the kitchen almost every day. The kids use all their Montessori skills to cook, clean, and create amazing snacks, meals, and goodies. These examples are meant to give you inspiration that your toddler and preschooler can work in the kitchen daily and learn valuable reading, math, and history as well as following instruction, fine motor skills, and other helpful practical life stills.

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Kids in the Kitchen is the kids favorite book to use. It is made for children while they work in the kitchen. Each of the recipes have accompanying pictures for non readers and are labeled if a parent should help. The guidance in the front helped us to really set up our kitchen to be a child friendly place. I highly recommend you add it to your collection!

Season Activities

As the seasons change, so do the activities. We are driven by our children’s curiosity and that has a lot to do with what they see around them. I love documenting their discoveries and sharing helpful resources and ideas for you to experience the world with your children!


Winter brings our focus inside. We work a little more in the kitchen then most seasons and have a lot of fun exploring new indoor games. Christmas is a highlight and a time we use to celebrate Jesus!
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We are outdoor people! Besides the bugs, there’s nothing I don’t love. We have a small creek on our property and take full advantage of all the explanation it provides as well as traveling!
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Fall is my favorite season! I could stand outside and watch leaves fall all day. Our children love to see the world change as the color of the leaves fall and new holiday celebrations come around.
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