I am excited to have my wonderful friend Gabi from Restful Living to share three ways of using workboxes for homeschool organization. Enjoy her advice here and visit her site when you get a free minute!

Homeschool organization can be quite an undertaking even when you have years of homeschooling memories with your little’s, let alone if you are a newbie homeschooler just starting out (like me)! In my recent research about homeschool organization I’ve come across the workbox system and found many different ways to tailor the system to work best for your family’s needs and I’m here to share 3 of those ways with you today.

In case you are not familiar with the system, it was created by a lady named Sue Patrick. Originally the system is based on using a metal cart with clear plastic boxes to store each child’s work for the day, separating each lesson by box.
It’s meant to help your child in independence and responsibility by having him or her go through each box during the day and giving them the responsibility of their own progress in education.Gabi from Restful Living is here to share 3 of the ways to tailor the workbox system to work best for your family's homeschool organization!

3 Ways Of Using Workboxes For Homeschool Organization

Now, if you have multiple children or if you’re anything like me living in a teeny tiny place, you might not have that kind of ample space, so space saving vertical storage is a friend! All you really need is a drawer system and you are good to go! But just keep in mind that for bulkier items like educational games, you would need to make due with a reference in the drawer, like a photo of the bulky item or just a sticky note, to indicate what’s next on the program.
I use the Trofast system originally from IKEA. I found mine on a second hand website for very cheap so for a money saving option try Graig’s List or Kijiji if you’re in Canada or look for them at yard sales. But here’s an image on how Sue Patrick’s original setup looks like:

Sue Patrick's Workbox Setup

Now the way you use the system really depends on your homeschool organization needs, the age of the child and how much space you have. The system itself is pretty flexible and if you’re looking for ways to implement the workbox system in your homeschool, here are some options for you:

  1. One subject for each box. This is a good option if you are really pressed for space. If you use the Trofast it’s easy for your kids to pull out an entire drawer and place it next to their work surface.
  2. One days material for each box. This makes it very easy to prep for an entire week if you only have 5 boxes to work with pr. child. It’s the most space saving, time saving and a money saving option for anyone who’s looking for ideas on homeschool organization with the workbox system.
  3. One assignment for each box. This is the least space saving option and if you have 3 assignments for each subject for each of your kids, this solution may be a bit too much, but it’s the simplest for your kids. If you have the space then this is a great option especially if your child is easily distracted.

I love organization and I think it’s fun! Homeschool organization? Even more fun! I love finding creative space saving organization ideas because we live in a tiny apartment so this system was a great option for our homeschool organization adventure – if done right that is! You need to factor in your family and your homeschool organization needs and limits, before you determine how to best set this up in your home.

I have already set up our workbox system and I’m still working on figuring out how to organize it to fit our specific needs, tweaking it as I go, and I’ll share my thoughts in a post on my blog, in the upcoming week or so. Be sure to subscribe here so you can get updated on how it turns out. But until then, you can read more about the original setup and how it works, along with some other thoughts I’ve had about homeschool organization, and more resources on the system, by visiting my blog Restful Living.Gabi from Restful Living is here to share 3 of the ways to tailor the workbox system to work best for your family's homeschool organization and needs!


Thank you so much for having me, I really enjoyed writing this post for you guys!
I hope you find these tips helpful and please do share and help other newbie homeschoolers out there!

How do tackle homeschool organization? Any space saving ideas? Leave them in the comments below!

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