Preschool Chicken Activities

Having backyard chickens has been a lot of fun. Check out some great preschool chicken activities at

Since we brought home 6 little chickens at the end of April, we have been doing a summer chicken study. They are wonderful pets with the added bonus of not buying eggs. This month I took some time to do some preschool chicken activities with the kids to help us all learn a little more about the fun … [Read more...]

Our Classroom

Great Montessori Inspired inspiration in this homeschool classroom!

Our Classroom I have been excited to share with you our classroom space since we moved into our new home. Having a space for our children to learn and grow is awesome. We have moved around so much over the course of our children's lives that our classroom has morphed often. At first it was just a … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Organize Montessori Materials

Organizing materials can be a full time job, but here are 7 easy ways to organize all your Montessori materials and come great places to find affordable Montessori materials on

Montessori materials are some of the most beautiful and use materials in our home. We have lots of great handmade materials along with traditional materials. Where to store all these awesome materials has been a challenge of mine since we started using the Montessori Method in our home years ago. I … [Read more...]

Montessori Setup Series Roundup


I'm excited to share with you a Montessori Setup Roundup of my setup posts and one awesome event! When I first started with the Montessori method in our home I was so overwhelmed. Where to start? How much is all this going to cost? What if I am on a budget? Can I still provide an amazing … [Read more...]