Outdoor Exploration: 10+ Ideas for Dads and Kids

Time is one of the best things we can give to your children and our children can give to us. This Father’s Day, use these outdoor exploration ideas for dads and kids to spend more time together!

Outdoor Exploration 10 Ideas for Dads and Kids on ChildLedLife.com

10+ Ideas for Dads and Kids

My sweet husband works long hours and two jobs so I can stay home with our children full time. Sometimes he feels like he misses out on the quality time with our children. When I asked him what he wanted for Father’s Day, he said time. Time to connect. Time to share knowledge and really get to know our children.

With my heart overflowing with love and admiration for my wonderful husband, I put together a list of ideas and have made arrangements to make several of these activities happen for my children and their father.

Outdoor Exploration with Dad

Being outside is one our families favorite things to do. Outdoor exploration is a huge part of my husband’s life and he is excited to share that passion with our children.

Hike Explore Rocks and Hammock Laying with Dad this Father's Day. Find more great ideas on ChildLedLife.com

Take a Hike – Hikes don’t have to be long or even in the woods. Take a walk around the block and notice cars or the clouds. Just be together.

Explore Rocks – Kids see the most amazing things when they see rocks. Dads have the ability to foster that imagination and make up stories about where a certain rock may have been over the course of it’s life.

Hammock Lounging – Hammocks give dads and children the opportunity to look up! Notice the stars, leaves, or just enjoy the blue of the sky. My husband estimated how many leaves they could see while laying in the hammock!

Workout Explore a Creek and Go Fishing with Dad this Father's Day. Find more great Father's Day ideas on ChildLedLife.com

Workout – Kids watch their Dad for how for how to live their life. What better example to give your child then to show them you care for your own body!

Explore a Creek – Creeks give the ability to get in the water and flip over rocks. Find crawdads or notice the tad polls.

Go Fishing – Classic activity to do with Dad. But this is a great time to talk with kids about how our ancestors had to catch their food like this because their were no grocery stores!

Camping Build a Smoker and Archery Games with Dad this Father's Day. Find more great Father's Day ideas on ChildLedLife.com

Go Camping – Camping is a great time to turn off all technology and just enjoy time outside.

Build a Smoker – Repurpose old bricks to make a smoker. The smoker in the picture was made for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was designed and built by Samuel and his Dad.

Balloon Archery Games – Such a fun way to get outside and get wet!

Reading for Dad

I highly recommend the book Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys for any man that has a boy in his life, but especially Dads with sons. I just finished the chapter on the boy and his father. Such powerful information there. Well worth the read.

Need More Fun Father’s Day Ideas?

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    Love your list. Such lovely and simple things to do together that will certainly make wonderful memories for a dad and his kids. We don’t have a hammock but I would really like one. Look at how proud Samuel looks standing next to that smoker! What a great project. Sharing your post so other dads can benefit.
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      Thank you! He is really an amazing man. We are blessed he loves us so much! Thank you for commenting. It’s great to see you here, Leanne!

  2. lana says

    hi there! thanks for all great ideas and lovely photos. would love it if you wanted to doodle your dad! cheers!
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