Montessori Beginning Reading: Rhyming

One of the best ways to help children understand phonics is to work on their ability to recognize rhyming sounds. Here is an easy Montessori rhyming lesson and other resources you can use to enhance your child’s phonemic awareness!

FUN LEARNING! Rhyming games help increase your child's phonemic awareness. Find out more on

We have been using the Royal Road to Reading program to help our children take a Montessori approach to learning reading. I can’t tell you how much I love this program. It gave me the confidence to know I can teach my children to read and the materials to present all the lesson to my children.

Even without the materials for the Royal Road to Reading, you can still set up wonderful lessons for your children to practice their rhyming. The inability to rhyme is a sign your child need more help in their phonemic awareness.

Avalyn (2) cannot yet understand rhyming words, although she is very interested in rhyming finger plays. This rhyming with objects lesson can be set up with any objects you have in your home that rhyme! It’s really that easy.

Rhyming with Objects

FUN LEARNING! Rhyming games help increase your child's phonemic awareness. Find out more on

Materials Needed:

  • 5-8 pairs of rhyming objects (flag-bag, cat-hat, pig-wig, etc.)
  • 2 containers
  • rug, mat, or other designated work space

Separate the rhyming objects into two containers. One will be the mater set.

FUN LEARNING! Rhyming games help increase your child's phonemic awareness. Find out more on

Review the name of each object. Name the objects as you place the master set in a vertical column on the left side of your rug. Place the matching set at random within your work space.

FUN LEARNING! Rhyming games help increase your child's phonemic awareness. Find out more on

As you choose an object from the random matching set, say it’s name, then place it next to the first object of the master set. You can then say, “Tag-truck – that does not rhyme.” Move down the master set until you come to the rhyming object. Repeat this process until all pairs are matched.

FUN LEARNING! Rhyming games help increase your child's phonemic awareness. Find out more on

The last part is an important one. Ask the child to “Tell the whole story” by saying each of the pairs of rhyming objects.

You can ask the child to repeat, put all of the objects away in their designated containers, and then add this work to you shelves so they can review on their own.

Rhymes to Help Phonemic Awareness

This is a video compilation with tons of great rhyming songs to help your little one increase their phonemic awareness. I hope you will use this video for song ideas and sing along with your child.

Hand Rhymes is a fabulous book we have used to learn more finger rhymes while Avalyn has a high interest in this type of learning.

Here is a Two Little Blackbirds Free Printable for you with our favorite finger rhyme!

Two Little Blackbird Free Printable from

I would love to hear your favorite rhyming song. Share with me more on Child Led Life’s Facebook Page!

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    • says

      Great! We are at the very beginning with reading for Avalyn and she will work on rhyming a bit longer before we take the next step.

    • says

      Thank you! Our kids LOVE hands on. Once they get this concept we will move to picture cards, but moving little objects makes learning fun.

    • says

      Thank you! I’m to glad to hear is type of work still works as kids get older. My kids LOVE them now, but I’m a little nervous about the older years.

    • says

      Thank you! I recommend Royal Road to Reading. It’s a great way to help untrained Montessori parents and teachers a little more about helping a child read.

    • says

      Great! I can’t sing to save my life, but my kids don’t mind. And they adore anything that has to do with rhyming. At one point my son only talked in rhyming sentences. :)

    • says

      I highly recommend the program. So many great resources and training for any parent or teacher. It’s made a HUGE difference in our home.


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