Montessori Inspired Fine Motor Activity

My kids are avid “readers”. Neither of them can technically read yet, but books fill most of our days. This time we added a little extension to one of our favorite books of the season: If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. Here is the great Montessori inspired fine motor activity we added to a favorite book!

Montessori inspired fine motor activity to accompany If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. Creating a popcorn string is a great fine motor skill for kids on

For years my grandfather has loved If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and shares it with my children every time we visit. Last year, we gave him the book If You Take a Mouse to the Movies as a Christmas present and he thought it was fantastic. Since then my kids have adored this book.

Popcorn is another love in our house. We make our popcorn on the stove the old fashion way. We find it SOO much cheaper and very delicous. It is a lot of fun to watch popcorn pop in the pan and have fresh, warm popcorn!

Combining these two loves came pretty easy. In the book, the mouse wants to make a popcorn string for a Christmas tree. Samuel and Avalyn anticipated our Christmas tree going up this year and knew we needed a popcorn string. So a fun afternoon project was born. I love following their lead and letting them guide us on our adventures.


  • fresh popped popcorn
  • needle
  • thread

We used a regular needle and thread. The kids were very careful with the whole process. We worked on threading together with a needle threader. This took a little more attention from me, so I didn’t get any pictures. The kids did great with it!
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At first, I give the kids strings that were to long. So, note to self, make a small popcorn string for smaller people. I’m sure older kids would do great with longer strings.  Ours were about 18 inches long. I tied a knot in one end then showed the kid how to poke the needle through the popcorn.

Stringing popcorn to put on our Christmas tree after reading If You Take a Mouse to the Movies at

Samuel always looks so concentrated when he is working. He chose a blue thread for his popcorn string.

Stringing popcorn to put on our Christmas tree after reading If You Take a Mouse to the Movies at

Avalyn loved this projects. She enjoyed snacking on the popcorn along the way!

This is a fun and easy project to do this winter season! Enjoy!

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