Kids Gardening with Garden Tote & Tools

Outside work is one of the most satisfying activities we do with our children. I am excited to review the Garden Tote & Tools from For Small Hands. This sturdy tote and child sized tools really complement our love for the outdoors.

“The child becomes a person through work.”
     ~Maria Montessori 
The Garden Tote & Tools is an amazing set. I love the sturdy canvas tote with enough pockets to put all our gardening essentials inside. The colors are vibrant and very inviting. We used the tote and tools to plant our celery on a visit to our raised garden bed on the side of our new home.
Isn't this adorable?!? Garden Tote and Tools from For Small Hands. Full review on
I have been trying to overcome my black thumb and am determined to show my children that food can come from our own back yard. I’m sure my husband goes behind me every day to be sure the plants are still doing well and I have to call my family members on an almost daily basis to be sure I don’t kill anything!! It’s encouraging to know my kids love working in the garden and were ecstatic to use the new addition to our Montessori collection.
This season we re-grew celery from an organic celery base we bought at the store. I would like to say I did wonderful and changed the water everyday…not so much. But I did notice the celery had some awesome regrowth and thought it would be best in the soil where it had some chance of getting nutrients.
Small tools better for children to work in the garden! Find more on this great tote and tools on
Samuel (3.5) used the spade from our tools set to dig a small hole for our celery. He really loves blue so this was an easy choice with such inviting colors on these tools. Then Sam covered the celery with dirt. Pretty easy! Then we watered the new addition to our garden. Here’s to hoping the celery isn’t something the squirrels want to eat.
Small tools better for children to work in the garden! Find more on this great tote and tools on
Avalyn (2) mimics about anything her big brother does and chose to use the rake to groom a section of our garden. I love how these tools are just right for her small hands!
Isn't this adorable?!? Garden Tote and Tools from For Small Hands. Full Review on
I have no doubt this set will get a lot of use in our home for many years to come! Happy Gardening!
Garden Tote & Tools (item number SC401) can be found at For Small Hands. I received these products for free for the purpose of writing a review for For Small Hands, and with whom I am also an affiliate. I get a small commission if you purchase the products, or any other materials, from the links provided in this blog. Thank you!

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    That tote is so cute! I like my son to use real tools but my tools were to big for him. We bought child size garden tools and it was the best move ever. We still have them and we both still use them. I like them better in some ways because I can get into areas I can’t get to with my bigger tools. These look very nice and sturdy.
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