Child’s Book List: Birds

Child’s Book List: Birds

Montessori Approved Books List of Chickens and Other Birds

Our local library is awesome. They have themed bags of books! This week we checked out the books on birds bag and added on a couple extra chicken specific books to help with our study of our backyard chickens. I hope you enjoy this post on Child’s Book List: Birds!

Child's Book List of Birds from

Birds Book List

I have been doing a good bit of research on chicken books to supplement our chicken themed activities for this month. (Check back for an awesome Preschool Chicken Activities post!) Through my research on wonderful chicken books I came across a lot of wonderful bird books that would be great for Montessori learning. I added a quick synopsis of each with an Amazon link (aff) to make it easier for you to add these books to your own collection of Montessori books!
How To Raise Chickens: Everything You Need To Know is an amazing book for adults and children alike. This has a lot of great information on caring for chickens and how to keep them healthy.

Chicks & Chickens is one of my favorite books. Beautiful illustrations meant to educate children about every aspect of the chicken. It includes labeled diagrams of baby chicks, hens, and rooster and wonderful description on how eggs are formed. If you could add only one book to your library, I would choose this one!
ISeeMe Personalized Chidren's Boojs
Who You Callin’ Chicken? is a funny little book with amazing real life pictures of all types of chickens.  Each amazing feature is detailed with awesome pictures and cute descriptions. Well worth picking up.

Birdsongs focuses on the sounds birds make. A poem walks the reader through a typical outdoor day and the types of bird songs one would hear. The books ends with two pages of bird facts like, ” A tiny hummingbird’s wings can flap about forty to eighty times in a second.”

Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest: Where Birds Begin describes that nests of a variety of birds. I was amazed at some of the facts given in this book. I love learning along with my children! There is also a world map included with a list of 40 birds and their location on Earth.

Feathers for Lunch is about a cat on the hunt for a little extra lunch. Although the pictures are simple, I love how each of the birds and plants are labeled by name throughout the book. Very cute story.

Roger Tory Peterson’s Colors: A Book for Little Birdwatchers is perfect for your infant. The pages are very bright colors with a beautiful picture of several different birds associated with a color.

Birds (First Look at Animals) details some of the fun facts of many birds. There are also real life pictures of each bird along with a fun quiz to help test your little readers.

A Nest Full of Eggs (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 1) this great book follows the life of a robin from forming inside the egg to its first flight and migration.

How Do Birds Find Their Way? (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2) an informative book on bird migration and how they navigate to their destinations.

Owls is a book all about different owl species and their habitats. Anything you want to know about owls is in the book!

Animal Lives: Penguins is a great book to learn about penguins their habitat and much more. The illustrations are inviting and facts displayed throughout the book are fun for young readers.

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      Great! Glad you found some helpful information, Amanda. We had a lot of fun inspecting our own chickens. Hope you will check back for our post on our backyard chickens!

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    I loved when we could pick up themed book bags from the library. Our current library doesn’t do that but we sure had fun doing that at our old library and picked up a lot of them.

    We so enjoy birds. Thank you for sharing the good books you found.


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    What wonderful books! I’m planning out our themes for Tot School right now and I have a bird theme in mind for the spring so I’ll pin this one for later!

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      Glad you liked them, Clare. Your littles will love these! It is a lot of fun to work with the bird sounds with toddlers. They work so hard on mimicking sounds. Thank you for stopping by!

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    Followed over from Facebook… Great Post! I will definitely be picking some of these up. I also really recommend Chicken’s aren’t the only ones –

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      Great to have you, Alexandra! So glad to see that social media works well to find helpful information. I will look at Chicken Aren’t the Only Ones. That looks fantastic too!

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    These are great titles about birds!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!