Montessori Bedroom Tour

Check out this video! This is a wonderful visual example of how to setup a Montessori toddler bedroom from Why Not Montessori on

I am excited to have an amazing Montessori vlogger friend of mine from Why Not Montessori to share a video tour of her son's Montessori toddler bedroom. We transformed our home into a Montessori home almost 3 years ago and have loved every moment of it!  Enjoy Sindy's tour and subscribe to … [Read more...]

Montessori Setup Series Roundup


I'm excited to share with you a Montessori Setup Roundup of my setup posts and one awesome event! When I first started with the Montessori method in our home I was so overwhelmed. Where to start? How much is all this going to cost? What if I am on a budget? Can I still provide an amazing … [Read more...]