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DIY Shapes Craft

DIY Shapes Craft

I’m excited to share with you this VERY easy DIY shape craft as apart of the September addition of our 12 Months of Montessori Learning series!

Food Stamps on 2

Paint with Food Stamps

Open ended play has seemed to be the play of choice around here! Today I’m excited to let the kids go with open exploration of food stamps with the 2015 Paintathon!

I'm going to use these next time we go on a trip! We love Montessori!

Montessori While Traveling

We travel. A LOT! And we bring our Montessori materials and concepts along with us. This edition of the 12 Months of Montessori Learning is going to focus on Montessori while traveling!

I love apple pie! This looks like my kids will love it.

Easy Apple Pie with Kids

Warm apple pie. Is there anything better? Homemade apple pie has been a part of my family for generations. I’m excited to pass that on to my kids with this easy apple pie with kids activity.

We love to travel! These are great tips on

Mommy Hacks for Traveling with Kids

We LOVE to travel. Since the time Samuel was 8 weeks old we have been doing cross country trips, weekend trips, and day trips to visit family, friends, and fun. I have put together some of the best hacks for traveling with kids that I have learned over the last 4 years of being a Mommy to toddlers […]

Music has a special place in my heart. Here are some great Montessori music resources on

The Best Montessori Music Resources

Music has always been apart of my life. I started playing an instrument in a band when I was 12 years old and played through my high school years. Now I want to bring that same love to my children. Here are some of the best Montessori music resources I can find!

Parenting is tough! Make it a little easier by knowing your child with education about child development, Montessori method, and Montessori home setup on

Know Your Child

Parenting is tough! Learning more about child development is a wonderful tool to have in your parenting toolbox. I have enjoyed my children so much after knowing more about their development, how to set up their environment, and the best ways to implement the Montessori method in our home.

Need some ideas to help Dads and kids connect with Father's Day? Screen Free with Dad on

Screen Free with Dad

There are tons of great gift ideas out there for Dads on Father’s Day, but the gift of time is what my husband asked for. These ideas are screen free too!

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Isn't this adorable?!? Garden Tote and Tools from For Small Hands. Full Review on

Kids Gardening with Garden Tote & Tools

Outside work is one of the most satisfying activities we do with our children. I am excited to review the Garden Tote & Tools from For Small Hands. This sturdy tote and child sized tools really complement our love for the outdoors.  

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Check out this video! This is a wonderful visual example of how to setup a Montessori toddler bedroom from Why Not Montessori on

Montessori Bedroom Tour

I am excited to have an amazing Montessori vlogger friend of mine from Why Not Montessori to share a video tour of her son’s Montessori toddler bedroom. We transformed our home into a Montessori home almost 3 years ago and have loved every moment of it!  Enjoy Sindy’s tour and subscribe to her channel when you get […]

Independent Toddlers Collage 2

Watch Your Toes: Independent Toddlers

One of my favorite aspects of the Montessori method is the freedom it gives children. Freedom to struggle and freedom to learn. Toddlers are not going to be perfect at everything the first time, but creating an environment for independent toddlers is a wonderful gift you can give your child.

3 Tips to Build a Kid Friendly Schedule on from Alli of Scattered Squirrel

Three Tips to Build a Kid Friendly Schedule

I am excited to have my wonderful friend Alli from Scattered Squirrel to share one of her helpful printable to help you build a kid friendly schedule. Alli has so much great advice on her site and my home is so much more organized because of her advice. Enjoy her advice here and visit her site when […]

DIY early math peg board game that won't break the bank! Help you little ones with number recognition with this easy DIY project from

DIY Math Peg Board Game

Samuel has been very interested in numbers. After talking with some of our followers on our Facebook group, I understand that many parents have children with the same beginning interests as Samuel. I looked up buying a peg board game, but the price seemed a little steep for the product. So as Mom’s on a budget do, I set out to […]

Great Montessori Inspired inspiration in this homeschool classroom!

Our Classroom

Our Classroom I have been excited to share with you our classroom space since we moved into our new home. Having a space for our children to learn and grow is awesome. We have moved around so much over the course of our children’s lives that our classroom has morphed often. At first it was […]

Montessori Homeschool Setup in a Small Space

Montessori Homeschool Setup in a Small Space

I am excited to be hosting a 5 part series at Trillium Montessori (linked to last post in series) on our Montessori homeschool setup in a small space. We have lived all over the country and creating new Montessori spaces for our children in all types of homes has been a fun adventure for me. I hope […]

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